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Magical melody marriage guide
Magical melody marriage guide

Magical melody marriage guide

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Jump to Marriage - Marriage[edit]. Players can only get married after meeting a number of requirements, such as getting the "blue feather". About a seasonI'm new at the game and this site and I was wondering HOW DO YOU GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only have about 24 notes and don't have alot of fri.., Harvest Feb 27, 2009 - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Marriage FAQ/guide M M O O O O N N This is my first FAQ/Guide so bear with me. Marriage: 1. Like many Harvest Moon games, Magical Melody has marriage available as a feature. There are also a variety of different potential spouses for each gender. Mar 18, 2010 - It would be ea.., Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Wii. 10 Easy Steps On Getting Married - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Game Guides Introduction: Magical Melody is the first big-console game to allow for players to possible marriage candidates, plus the ambiguous-gender character Jamie, For Harvest Moon: Magical Melody on the GameCube, Friendship/Dating |_| |_|___/ ___/|_| |_| ~ Magical Melody ~ Friendship and Dating Guide version 1.0 1.3 – Common Locations Section 2.0 – Dating 2.1 – Rivalries 2.2 – Marriage 2.3 Aug 22, 2008 - This is a character guide to harvest moon magical melody. I hope you enjoy it! omg Blue looks just like Gray i'll marry him XD. 2 years ago Jun 30, 2008 - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Marriage FAQ. X X X THIS IS NOT A STARTING GUIDE!* Okay, you want to get married? Just follow my xD; I vowed to make a marriage tutorial a LONG time ago, and here it finally is. Most people probably know this

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